Mind of Success

Mind of Success by Suhardi

Worry, frustration, confusion, depression and fear are all states of mind that make you difficult to achieve and block success. There is no success in a mind with negative state. Peace and calmness in your mind is needed to set your positive state of mind to attain your success. 

Normally you will find it quite difficult to manage and control your mind. Your mind just runs and flies up and down, right and left, in and out anywhere anytime without knowing how you can make it tame. 

In meditation, you can achieve a level called peaceful and calm mind that is free of negative state of mind, so you are able to experience happiness, encouraging and attracting positive behavior. A negative state of mind only attracts negative feelings and behavior therefore it is a great barrier to great achievement. 

With a negative state of mind, you will seldom or never experience happiness or any positive results you desire.Constant meditation trains the mind to be tamer, more cheerful and peaceful. This is a state of mind that is very crucial to achieving success. You will act very differently with a positive state of mind rather than you do with a negative state of mind. 

The mind is like a power or energy station, sending out energy or power that is represented by your thought. These are then received by the subconscious mind that will create and gather all the supportive situations or people or even opportunities to assist and guide you to achieve what your thoughts and goals are. 

So if you want to achieve or accomplish your goals and you do not truly believe you will be able to, or if you, with your negative state of mind, constantly think about the reason why you can't or why it's hard, then you will send the power or energy that will create everything that will support your thought to make it hard to accomplish. Whatever you think about will come to you in return.
This is the reason why you must eliminate all your negative state of mind or negative thought, and you need to entertain your positive mind. Positive state of mind will attract positive things to support you in achieving positive results. Blacklist all your negative thoughts, fire them all and employ only positive thoughts. 

Negative state of mind never helps you to achieve success, but positive state of mind does. 

Your negative state of mind can't encourage or motivate you, but positive state of mind can. 

Your negative state of mind will never attract the results you expect, but positive state of mind will. 

And it is your decision to employ a negative or positive state of mind. The power to choose is in you. 

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