The Key of Leadership

The Key of Leadership by Howard Schultz
• Business at its best is not about just making a profit. It’s about achieving the fragile balance between the fiscal responsibility that we have to our shareholders and our constituencies as well as our commitment to benevolence and to the people in the communities that we represent. 

• Success is not an entitlement. It has to be earned every single day. Howard Schultz will describe how his experiences during 20 years at Starbucks have helped him understand that the power of the human spirit and benevolence in business are as important as the product or service a business provides.

• Some of our key objectives in the formative stages of the company were to define the equity of the brand around quality coffee, around a culture and value system, and to be known as a company that will not leave its people behind. 

• A large part of the success of the Starbucks brand has been our ability to help partners realize that they are part of an enterprise that will give them an opportunity to succeed at levels they never believed possible. Employees want to believe that they’re part of an organization that not only is winning but also is doing the right thing. 

• In today’s business environment, it is incredibly difficult to make a connection around intimacy, trust and loyalty with employees and customers. That also means that the opportunity to do the right thing will never be as great as it is now. Companies have an opportunity to sit down with employees and create an environment around trust, confidence, full disclosure and aspirations for the future.

• Success in business today is about having a conscience, having a heart and demonstrating to your people, your customers in the communities that you serve that you care about the right things because it’s a core value that you live every day.

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